THE EUROPEAN TRAINING MISSION SOMALIA FAMILY – Discovering the 8 national contingents. Today … Italy!

INTRODUCING ITALIAN HQ STAFF, ADVISORS AND TRAINERS FROM THE EUROPEAN TRAINING MISSION SOMALIA Italian personnel cover positions in the Training Team, Advisory Team, Close Protection Team and Mission Force Headquarters, including the Mission Force Commander. The Italy also provide a Force Protection Unit, whose contribution will be covered in a subsequent post.   Thanks

EUTM-S completes infantry training for Somali National Army (SNA) personnel

The 3rd Light Infantry Company course closing ceremony took place at General Daghadaban Training Centre (GDTC) on 07th April 2019. The Somali National Army (SNA) Light Infantry Company was trained for 17 weeks by EUTM-S Training Team personnel. They were assisted by Somali instructors, who EUTM-S had previously trained on the recent 5th Train-the-Trainer

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